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lee jacket.

Unbuttoned in 2004.

Knocking the dust off in 2009.

The jacket is rough and worn, but it's also relaxed and familiar and has a bit of character. So too is the music - the sound is natural and eclectic.

What started with just a few coffee shop gigs in 1999-2000 turned into a long-distance CD project in 2004. We figured that a couple thousand miles between us couldn't stop the music. After releasing the CD on a little five-gig tour that year, those miles between us and life itself did slow Lee Jacket down a bit.

But in 2009, we are looking to slip the jacket back on at least a couple of times.

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Upcoming Gigs on the 2009 Dusty Buttons Tour:

Thurs, May 21 6:30 PM
Lindwedel Wine Garden
Extended show with Mile Zero

Sat, Sept 26
Somewhere in SANTA MONICA, CA area
Details TBD

Sun, Sept 27 6:30 PM
Birthday Party / House Concert
with various musical guests

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